Software for the IAPWS-95 Formulation (H2O)


For the description of the IAPWS-95 formulation including its range of validity and its accuracy see this page.

There is an extensive software package available for the use of IAPWS-95. This package is available as the program FLUIDCAL in the version for the substance water.

Due to the scientific relevance of IAPWS-95, the software for the calculation of thermodynamic properties of water and steam based on IAPWS-95 is available for universities free of charge provided the software is used for pure teaching and research purposes. 

In order to receive the software, a co-worker of the institute, chair, or working group should send an e-mail to the contact person. The e-mail should confirm that the software is only used for teaching or research purposes. The software must no be passes on to third parties. The person who orders the software should have a permanent position (e.g., professor or senior researcher). If students need the software for works within their study, the software cannot be ordered by the student, but only by the supervisor.

The e-mail should contain the name of the respective institution with the postal address, telephone and fax number, and the e-mail address. As a reply, the password will be given that is needed to download the software.

For details on the software FLUIDCAL click here.



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